Recommendations for using the services:


-The use of seat belt is mandatory inside the vehicle

-Hands and head or any part of your body should maintain inside the vehicle

- Not throw garbage outside places that are not stipulated for that issue: “Preserve and conserve our environment is a commitment of all”

-Always remain seated in the bus and use the seatbelt while the vehicle is in motion. 

-Care and look after your personal objects

-The illegal traffic of wild species is about the use, commerce, transportation and illegal exploitation such as fauna and flora wild species, and its products and derivatives.

-LIDERTUR S.A. as well as, TurisBOG are committed with the preservation of our Colombian Natural and Cultural Patrimony, because of that, we invite you to know our patrimony by samples of respect to the community acquiring the local products, with commercial fair exchanges.

-We recommend to acquire food through the tour with the purpose of promote and support the local gastronomy, with commercial fair exchanges.

-Take into account that in museums is allowed to take pictures WITHOUT flash, but in the Coin´s House is NOT allowed to take pictures in the Custodia´s Room.

-In compliance to article 17 Law 679 of 2001, LIDERTUR S.A-TurisBOG notifies tourists that sexual exploitation or sexual abuse of minors is penally sanctioned, according to Colombian current laws.  Because of these reasons is fundamental to denounce these practices.

-In Colombia is sanctioned any kind of discrimination for religion, sex, race and sexual orientation.             

-Wear comfortable clothing and use sunblock.
- Follow the guide’s recommendations and instructions.
- Don’t dispose of your rubbish inside or outside of the vehicle, use the bins provided.
- Eating inside the vehicle is prohibited.
- Follow the security recommendations in the locations that you visit.
- Look after personal belongings; LIDERTUR S.A. is not responsible for lost or stolen possessions.
- Respect your fellow tourists and LIDERTUR S.A. staff.
- Smoking is prohibited. Alcohol consumption inside the vehicle is prohibited; those under the influence of alcohol are not permitted to use the vehicles.
- Weapons, and other items that pose a risk to the vehicle and/or fellow passengers, are prohibited.
- Animals inside the vehicle are prohibited.

Operated By Lidertur S.A.

RNT 23889

Complaints and Claims


Availability guaranteed from booking day starting the tour.
If the service is not taken the day of booking, will be subject upon availability.
Effective 30 days from the date of purchase.

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