Monserrate y Quinta de Bolivar

Devotion, history and an astonishing view


Every year, thousands of devotees of the Señor Caído make pilgrimages to the top of this mountain, whose summit sits 3200 meters above sea level. Besides the search for miracles, visitors are lured by both the natural beauty and Monserrate's excellent restaurants, including Casa San Isidro (specialties are French cuisine and lobster) and Casa Santa Clara (serving Colombian cuisine such as bandeja paisa, tamal and ajiaco).


Dating back to 1670, this grand mansion owes its importance to its most illustrious previous owner: el Libertador Simón Bolívar. After the final victory over the Spanish, which marked the beginning of Latin America's Independence period, the house was given to Simón Bolivar as a gift from the government of New Granada. In the museum's cavernous rooms, furniture, garments and objects belonging to the Liberator give a taste of the social gatherings that were held in his honor. Splendid gardens in the front and back of the Quinta recreate the natural beauty of the Sabana.