Jardín Botánico

Botanical beauty and fresh air

No other place in Colombia attests to the country's rich biodiversity quite like Jardín Botánico. The garden is named after José Celestino Mutis, the noted botanist who headed the Royal Botanical Expedition to New Granada in the 18th century.

The garden is the home of the Center of Scientific Research and Development, dedicated to understanding and conserving the native flora of the Andean region. You will find more than 2300 species of native and exotic plants, positioned in 35 ecological zones. Highlights include a commercial nursery, and a garden that accommodates 5000 different specimens of orchids, among which stands the Catleya ? the national flower of Colombia.

Spread out over nineteen hectares, the garden boasts beautiful pathways, a lake, an artificial waterfall and, in accordance with the wishes of the garden?s creator, Enrique Pérez Arbeláez, a classroom and auditorium that provide environmental education