A sensory experience

You won't come across the words 'Don't Touch' in Maloka. In fact, quite the opposite! This interactive science and technology center in the neighborhood of Ciudad Salitre actively encourages you to use all five senses to play, explore and experiment.

El Centro Interactivo Maloka (The Maloka Interactive Centre), whose name derives from the Indian word 'maloca' - a meeting place that indigenous communities believe is the center of the universe and life, is built ten meters below ground level and occupies a space of seventeen thousand square meters.
The center has 300 different exhibits, spanning nine exhibition rooms, in which you have the opportunity to learn about the universe, water, biodiversity and telecommunications.

Maloka boasts the largest Cinema Dome in South America: a 14-meter high spherical screen projecting films and documentaries - some in 3D, in which the visitor is totally captivated.

Our meeting point diagonal to the pedestrian bridge